YEAR: 1999-2000
LOCATION: Heizhaus-Stammersdorf, Symposium ‘Creation in Process’ in Vienna, AUSTRIA
DATE: 1.8.-29. 8.1999
Symposium “Desiring Power. Political attitudes of Group Dynamic”, Europahouse, Vienna, AUSTRIA
DATE: 10.3.-12.3.2000
PHOTOCREDITS: ©Ruth Mateus-Berr

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Symposium ‘Creation in Process’:
This artwork represents a conceptual game, is demonstrated as a performance and engages in discussing ‘power’, inspired by Bourdieu. It looks like an ordinary game thus is organized differently. It consists of a playing field and about 100 designed cards by the artist (which include questions or statements about power by important authors regarding this topic), as well as some ‘fields of power’. The ‘fields of power’ are inspired by Bourdieu. The participants can choose one of those fields, such as ‘love’, ‘art’, ‘religion’, ‘economy’ etc.
The rules are clearly explained at the beginning of a performance by croupiers.
To move forward you need one card of your ‘field of power’, an ‘interdependence’ card and a card with a ‘quotation of power’. This quotation has to be discussed then. As soon as one player shouts: “Cheers, a game of power!”, the active player has to light a fire with a flintstone and move forward. It has to be discussed again, who determines who is the winner in this game.

Heita (Cheers), a game of power!
Has als been performed at the Symposium “Desiring Power. Political attitudes of Group Dynamic”, organized by the Viennese Psychoanalytic Organization, Europahouse, Vienna, in 2000 and at private invitations with actors and other target groups.

Fischer, S., Ludwig, M. (Eds.) (1999) Kreation im Prozess. Volkshochschule Floridsdorf, Kunstverein Heizhaus Stammersdorf.
Preface: Stephan Fischer (project lead), Michael Ludwig
Participating Artists:
Erika Halwax, Mo Häusler, Tonia Kos, Christoph Luger, Franziska Maderthaner, Ruth Mateus, Herbert Pasiecznyk, Leslie de Melo
Discussion 1: Do we need politicians for culture?
Dr. Hilde Hawlicek, Prof. Dr. Manfred Wagner, Dr. Walter Kudrnofsky
Discussion 2: Has art to be understood?
Dr. Michael Ludwig, Dr. Bernd Gallob, Mag. Franziska Maderthaner, Mag. Herbert Pasiecznyk

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