YEAR: 2016
LOCATION: Cumulus Conference at Hong Kong Design Institute, Hong Kong, CHINA
DATE: 21.11.2016


Politics of Fear consists of a series of interventions in public spaces. The project is an explorative artistic research-based survey, that visualizes and negotiates current fears and concerns of people, and tries to collectively overcome them by creating interactions, links and common ground, as well as by listening as political a(rt)ction, listening as artistic research (LAR).
PoF collective approaches people of the city with actions in public to discuss and collect fears not without humor and with the help of various materials, that work as vehicles of communication. Emotions, outspoken, objectified or written down, are becoming part of an exhibition, a base for discussion and can then be negotiated, contextualized and mediated to explore different strategies of fear deconstruction to avoid their exploitation.
In a further participatory process with passersby, the project aims to create social spaces that stimulate interpersonal interactions, facilitating the deconstruction of fears through the emergence of new points of contact and through exchange.
The seminar Politics of Fear was initiated by Ruth Mateus-Berr. In succession a collective was founded.

More information

We’re proud to present our paper “Re-negotiating Politics of Fear in public spaces” at the CUMULUS Conference “Open Design for E-very-thing” in Hong Kong.
Find out more about the project via the link below.

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