YEAR: 2008
EXHIBITION VIEW: MUSA (Museum auf Abruf) Vienna, AUSTRIA
DATE: 11.-12.10.2008


To empathize with one´s heart … the artist refers to Bruce Mau: ReMember your Heart. Heart means feeling, power, rhythm and life. When the heart stops beating, one is dead. Our society changes similar to human organism. The social and societal organism is a system of non-terminable interdependence. Two important parameters of our increasingly risky zero defect strategy are our fast acceleration and the including anesthesia of the senses. Information, lacking experience increases, meanwhile imagination, established through practical experience, is deprived of power. The object derives from a sectional medical drawing of the heart, has a volume of 2 meter and is designed by various materials and fillings. It allows tactile experience of the tissue, the object is understandable, tangible, “sittable”, and invites for changing perceptions.

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The work was shown in a Group exhibition in October 2008 in the MUSA in Vienna. Visitors were invited to interact with the installation.

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