YEAR: 2000
EXHIBITION VIEW: Marble quarry Krastal in Carinthia, AUSTRIA


The conceptual multimedia art work: sisyphA. a myth. addresses the myth of sisyphos and translates it into the work and life of women. It depends on the method of perspective how to look upon life and miseries. The artist takes humorous, though critical positions in women´s life and work. Inspired by the philosophy of Albert Camus one could consider sisyphA as a happy human being as one can bring only benefits of permanent repetitions by reflection. sisyphA 1 + 2 are situated next to the laundry, sisyphA 3 is carrying the stone, sisyphA 4 throwing the stone away with a smile.

sisypha. a myth.
"How can sisypha be happy with all her mountains of laundry, which she is carrying on to the mountain of work, welcoming her at night with new dirt. This is absurd, heroically she moves every moment towards the summit. On her side there is a blockbuster, who hammers in her memories and sculptures her head which had become stone. She knows all details, of course. Without end. Yet with end. End of life. Then it´s over. Luck requires different ways of looking at it. When she looks back on the path she has climbed, and looks at the stone rolling down, then, finally she has time for tranquility and peace. Thoughtful peace. Pregnant with memories. The dragon will spit on her neck within her fiery passion. Then, she might sit with Hades and clean all marble boulders."
Text by Ruth Mateus

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TECHNOLOGY: Mixed media with marble meal on cardboard 20 x 20 cm

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