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In collaboration with Martin Ebner
YEAR: 1988
EXHIBITION VIEW 1: at the government building Stubenring, 1010 Vienna, AUSTRIA
DATE: 6.-18.3.1988,
EXHIBITION VIEW 2: Mimara Museum, Zagreb, CROATIA
DATE: 14.11.-2.12.1990

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Objective of this exhibition called DER MORGIGE TAG (The Day of Tomorrow) at the Viennese government building consisting of 25 pieces of art works was to reflect upon the year of 1988, to develop further artistic expressions of children, reflecting the memorial year of 1988 (1938 | 1988) and the National Socialism. The exhibition was curated by Oliver Kaufmann, a student of the Academy of Fine Arts and facilitated by the Austrian Culture Service, Michael Wimmer.

NACHSCHUB reflects upon the collaboration of the church at the Nationalsocialism and the manipulation of children at that time. How far did church and politics approximate or move away from identified values of human empathy and human rights?

The exhibition in Zagreb was embedded in a survey of the Institute for Educational Research, about the subjective feelings of the visitors, the Zagreb public. The exhibition took place at a time of the extreme political and economic controversis in Croatia, whereby the population was daily faced with various forms of violence and attacks on civil rights. Nachschub reminded the visitors “that their own children could become innocent victims of war”.

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Type of art piece: Installation with foil prints 2m x 60cm


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