FUNDED BY FWF: The Austrian Science Fund is Austria‘s central funding organization for basic research, FWF WKP 132 „Art 4 Science“ (2020|2021).
Role: Artist

YEAR: 2020
DATE: ongoing
PHOTOCREDITS: ©Ruth Mateus-Berr


The artist interacts with the scientist Heinrich Kovar from the CCRI Children´s Cancer Research Institute, who researches on the topic of the Ewing Sarcoma.
Objective of this project is to communicate research of CCRI to the public by art means.
Mateus-Berr is interested about the communication of cells which allows them to move and painted Metastatic Ewing-Sarcoma-cells. Subsequent she identified spikes which appeared as pairs and separately created new watercolor paintings of such pairs, analyzing their relationship by forms and expressions.

More information

The art work RELATIONS (2020) derives from the funded project: FWF WKP 132 „Art 4 Science“ (2020|2021).

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© 2020 Ruth Mateus-Berr