ARCHIVE OF CONFUSION 1 - Design Matters of D.A.S.

ARCHIVE OF CONFUSION 1 - Design Matters of D.A.S.

FUNDED BY FWF: The Austrian Science Fund is Austria‘s central funding organization for basic research, PEEK: Programme for
Arts-based research: 366
Role: Project lead, artist, designer

YEAR: 2017
EXHIBITION VIEW: WEISSRAUM Designforum Innsbruck, Tirol | Vienna, AUSTRIA
DATE: 09.11. – 30.11.2017
EXHIBITION NAME: Design Matters of D.A.S. (Dementia. Arts. Society. funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), within the PEEK-program/Programm zur Erweiterung und Erschliessung der Künste: AR 336-AG24)
PHOTOCREDITS: ©Weissraum Designforum Tirol


The exhibition "Design matters" brings together a selection of design projects that focus on the social responsibility of design work and redefine the role of designers in social processes.
Today, the term "creativity" has to be used for many things. In conjunction with "design" or "innovation", it has become a symbol of the modern quest for the Grail, for even more growth, the creation of needs that promote consumption, and an unquestioned belief in technology and progress.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile not to give up these terms. The exhibition "Design matters" brings together a small selection of exemplary design projects that show Creative solutions that focus on the social responsibility of design are an important contribution to our future.

What does appreciative, sustainable and inclusive graphic design look like?
How much design is needed to promote interpersonal encounters?
To what extent does design today also mean designing spaces and processes - and not just posters or products?
Shouldn't every design be social?
And when does the term become just a hip label?

The exhibition Design Matters shows different approaches to a concept of design that takes the role of the designer within the current transformation processes of our society seriously, faces up to current challenges and consciously assumes responsibility.

Ruth Mateus-Berr (PL) , Cornelia Bast, Elisabeth Haid, Christina May Yan Carli, Pia Scharler, Tatia Skhirtladze

- Embroidery for inner peace (Weiberwirtschaft/Anna Brunner)
- The Mobilizers (Carmen Brucic & Team)
- First Aid Kit (buero farmer)
- GOODGOODs (Sofia Podreka & Katrin Radanitsch)
- Social Furnture by EOOS
- Public design consulting (Studio Experimental Design, Jesko Fezer, HFBK Hamburg)
- Galata (scriptural laboratory)
- Dementia. Arts. Society

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Follow the link below to find out more on this exhibition at Weissraum Gallery, Tyrol.

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