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ARCHIVE OF CONFUSION 1 - Patterns of Confusion.

ARCHIVE OF CONFUSION 1 - Patterns of Confusion.

FUNDED BY FWF: The Austrian Science Fund is Austria‘s central funding organization for basic research, PEEK: Programme for
Arts-based research: 366
Role: Project lead, artist, designer

YEAR: 2017
LOCATION: Angewandte Innovation LAB (AIL), Vienna, AUSTRIA
DATE: 9.10.2017-28.10.2017
ecm - educating/curating/managing-Master 2016-18
PHOTOCREDITS: ©Ruth Mateus-Berr, ©Lea Fabienne

© Copyright Protected
ARCHIVE OF CONFUSION 1 - Patterns of Confusion.


Objective of this concept art of the artist is to empathize with society on the topic of dementia via artistic interventions the discussion about confusion.

We have all experienced confusion at some time or other, feeling that a situation appeared familiar or foreign.
The Archive of Confusion workshops (2016—2018) initially had two objectives: collecting inner images of people and changing public perception of dementia by entering into dialogue with citizens.
Later, a further idea popped up: Using doodles to test dementia, as many national applied tests, e.g. remembering the clock or the time of day seems to be very embarrassing for people with dementia. Doodling without any force of aesthetics remind people of their childhood and is fun.
For developing a testing tool, a large number of samples (min. 10,000) is needed, because machine learning would have to be applied: similar interpretations have to be fed into the computer.
Ruth Mateus-Berr was interested in visual documentation and evaluating experiences. At the Archive of Confusions workshops (2016—2018), people were asked to draw and/or doodle in a very short time their image of confusion and the opposite. These mental images were collected from some hundred participants in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Canada. They were then morphed by the computer program “Morph Age,” and evaluated by means of artistic research according to similarities and differences.
They then provoked empathetic discussions concerning the mental states of confusion by people with dementia.
Patterns of Confusion was the first exhibition and sampling of the doodles of the workshop participants in 2016 (Stilwerk) and AIL in 2017.

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EXHIBITION: Mounting of the A4 sheets on the wall
Workshops with participatory audience in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Canada. Collection of drawings on A4 sheets.

ARCHIVE OF CONFUSION 1 - Patterns of Confusion.

© Copyright Protected
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