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YEAR: 2021
EXHIBITION VIEW: Diplomatic Academy Vienna, AUSTRIA
EXHIBITION NAME: 100 Kunstwerke der Freiheit / 100 artworks of freedom related to the text of Iakovos Kambanellis
DATE: 19. 7.- 26. 7. 2021
PHOTOCREDITS: ©Ruth Mateus-Berr

© Copyright Protected


TITLE: Blurring Freedom 2
TYPE: Oil on wood 80x100cm

Artworks of freedom related to a poem of Iakovos Kambanellis. I took this excerpt of the poem:

„Unserer Freude aber wären
sie nicht entkommen. Wir brüllten, zerrissen unsere Kleidung, …“
(Iakovos Kambanellis – Die Freiheit kam im Mai)

"But they would not have escaped
they would not have escaped. We shouted, tore our clothes, ..."
(Iakovos Kambanellis - Freedom came in May)

My works dealt with freedom, which can not forget the imprisonment, events and suffering.
A difficult freedom.
Even if clothes - convict clothes - are torn, underneath is the tortured body, inscribed with the scars of memory.

The conceptual artistic work takes as its starting point the striped concentration camp prisoner's clothing, which was intended to mark inmates of concentration camps as convicts and make escape more difficult. It had about 17 stripes on the front with a width of about 2.7 cm blue and in between about 1.5cm white or gray. The longitudinal stripes reminded me of prison bars, although the symbolically erected vertical line means life. At the same time the pattern reminds of barcodes. The opto-readable font used here is not electronic. People are not numbers and they are not machines. One cannot simply forget.

More information

TITLE: Blurring Freedom 3
TYPE: Aquarell, SIZE: A4
by Ruth Mateus-Berr 2021


© Copyright Protected
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