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YEAR: 2000
EXHIBITION VIEW: Gallery Vienna Art Connection, Vienna, AUSTRIA
DATE: 03/2000
PHOTOCREDITS: ©Ruth Mateus-Berr

© Copyright Protected


In 2000 your mobile phone could only memorize 15 sms, the rest had to be deleted.
In 2000 I had many poetic exchange with this new social medium, and felt petty to delete such messages. To behold such wonderful, partially ambiguous messages I decided to put them to analog media again, and offered others to send me their most beloved messages, too. They had to pay me first and then after production, the art work was delivered at a blind date.

TECHNOLOGY: Paper, Mixed Media 210 x 297 cm

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Constructing on the idea of the LOVELETTERS, I needed some presentation form which became my analog MAILBOXES.
TECHNOLOGY: Plexiglass 210 x 297 cm
EXHIBITION VIEW: Gallery Franz Morgenbesser, Vienna, AUSTRIA
DATE: December 2001


© Copyright Protected
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