YEAR: 2009
EXHIBITION VIEW: Casa Strobele, Borgo, ITALY
DATE: 28.8.2009

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The password project: was founded in 2004 by Gabriele Foissner-Weinländer, Heidi Inffeld, Beate Landen, Friedrich Moserand then changed hands to Ruth Mateus-Berr
Objective of this project was to bring together nations and disciplines via the world wide web. Writers, artists and musicians are cooperating worldwide to create a joint art project.
Internet is the primary medium.
First stimulus:
Writers choose fragments from their work which are then put online on the website.
The artists draw from this pool of texts. Whatever inspires them passes to the next stage.

The second step
password project = quantum x (text fragments) turns to x+1+2+3+4+5+6+...
The basis for the project are texts (x). Images inspired by texts are computer-generated and modified („painted over“) by any number of artists (+1+2+3+4+5+6....). Different from real paint-overs, originals and all phases of the pictures are preserved and remain visible.
Instead of conventional tools the artists use IT tools for visualizing the text fragments. Every picture they create is uploaded on the password project homepage and all artists get informed about new works. All password project artist may then alter the pictures, react with texts or music compositions.
The result is a complex construct based on the participation of many writers, artists and musicians.
The project has been exhibited in form of printed art works, photography, live performances of staged readings, musical performances and multi media installations.

Styria Culture Forum, Firma Wilhelm Schmidt Stahlbau

More information

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