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YEAR: 2023
EXHIBITION VIEW: Künstlerhaus, Karlsplatz 5, 1010 Vienna
EXHIBITION NAME: part of the DEMEDARTS final exhibition
DATE: 23.2. - 5.3.2023
Composition/performance for the orchestra for the opening of the exhibition at the Künstlerhaus

Memories of our Grandmother Martha Bäuerle, née Šegula
Ruth Mateus-Berr
Digital photography (7 photos)
Ink on Japanese paper 22 x 34 cm (7 pieces), 24 x 9 cm (4 pieces), 8 x 9 cm (5 pieces)
Poems (2)

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These artworks represent a "memory practice" as a visual, poetic, musical, singular and collective process. The starting point is the search for patterns of memory of my beloved grandmother, explored in her home. The work itself reflects on the meaning of memory details, forgetting and remembering, love, courage, humanity, resistance, murder, life and death. The sensual re-experience of the staircase in my grandmother's house brings forth the most diverse artistic interpretations, inspired by: Patterns of the wall, on the stairs, the textiles, the light, the shadows and the smell. Also of interest are the empty spaces between the patterns, which, as in the case of dementia, are reminiscent of a loss of memory. An experienced simultaneity of past and present is made tangible. Methodologically, the multisensory, physical experience of the space is in the foreground, followed by the recording through digital photography and a careful selection of excerpts. This is followed by an abstract transfer of the perception of a staircase and the application of ink to delicate Japanese paper. The result of the work, the print on the paper underneath, is revealing: in the case of dementia, memory visibly disappears. Lingering, contemplating the quiet poetry of the image, memories and associations lead to the interpretation of the resulting image as a score for an orchestra. Scraps of thoughts form into poems, an actual musical score about the traces of the staircase to my grandmother, written, painted and musically realized are part of the exhibition DEMEDARTS (Grant DOI 10.55776/AR609) at Künstlerhaus Wien.

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Artists of the performance at the opening of the exhibition:
Alexander Wladigeroff: Trumpet
Konstantin Wladigeroff: Clarinet, Saxophone
Wagner Felipe dos Santos: Percussion, E-Percussion
Eckhard Mützner: Cello
Teresa Indjein: Harp
Pavel Naydenov: Voice


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