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Science Center Network

Science Center Netzwerk


OeAD: Science ambassador

YoungScience Profile


An Initiative of Austrian Ministry for European and International Affairs. Developed and implemented by the Women's Museum Hittisau / FMH. Supported by Zukunftsfonds Austria and Land Vorarlberg; at

Interdisciplinary Design Thinking lecture:

with Helga Kromp-Kolb, Herbert Formeyer, Thomas Schinko and more

Interdisciplinary cooperation with the Natural History Museum Vienna:

design ideas for Deck 50

Contract with the Elisabethinen:

the emerging biggest palliative center in Europe for art & design tasks. Developing ideas for the entrance in collaboration with Arch. Ding. Dieter Wallmann 

Invitations at Janssen Stiftung.

Pharmaceutical department of Johnson & Johnson, one of the biggest suppliers of health products of the world, for supervising interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Politics of Fear Collective

Politics of Fear consists of a series of interventions in public spaces. The project is an explorative artistic research-based survey, that visualizes and negotiates current fears and concerns of people, and tries to collectively overcome them by creating interactions, links and common ground, as well as by listening as political a(rt)ction, listening as artistic research (LAR).

PoF collective approaches people of the city with actions in public to discuss and collect fears not without humor and with the help of various materials, that work as vehicles of communication. Emotions, outspoken, objectified or written down, are becoming part of an exhibition, a base for discussion and can then be negotiated, contextualized and mediated to explore different strategies of fear deconstruction to avoid their exploitation.

In a further participatory process with passersby, the project aims to create social spaces that stimulate interpersonal interactions, facilitating the deconstruction of fears through the emergence of new points of contact and through exchange.

The seminar Politics of Fear was initiated by Ruth Mateus-Berr. In succession a collective was founded.

Cooperation with Academic Support Austria & Archdiocese Vienna

as pastoral responsibility for artists since 2013 (Third party funding)



in cooperation with FLUXGUIDE 

Competition 40 years oft he company MAM: 

Collaboration with the Museum of Applied Arts Vienna:

Design Education for and with 

The project INTERACCT:

INTegrating Entertainment and Reaction Assessment into Child Cancer Therapy & University of Vienna, St. Anna Children Cancer Research Center Institute, was realized in cooperation with the industry partner T-Systems. T-Systems is a German global IT services and consulting company headquartered in Frankfurt. Founded as a WASTE support, it is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. They investigated 200.000€ into the project. 

Clean tech startups / smart energies (Seminar)

Cooperation with the University of Economy and Business Vienna, Institute for strategic management.
Wolfgang Sachsenhofer, design. PHD
Mag. Albrecht Karlusch
Dr. Nina Hampl

Collab with the Vienna University of Economics and Business:

Institute for Ent
repreneurship and Innovation, strategic management to collaborate within the seminar: Clean tech start ups/ smart energies. Conference a paper about the project, which combined Applied Design Thinking strategies with Lean start-up methods and developed the AD Canvas method in an interdisciplinary context, where design is implemented at the beginning of a business canvas.

Invitation for an Applied Design Thinking LAB for NASA Space Apps Challenge 

Ludwig Boltzmann Institut for Human Rights

Dr. Patricia Hladschik



Cultural Key Personel from Aserbaidshan, Armenia, Georgia
Tatia Skhirtladze
(Project, Armenia)

Art Lector:

in cooperation with FLUXGUIDE, young creative who 
managed to start their own business throughout the project. 

Traces of Sweden in Austria

collaborator of University of Vienna: o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sven Rossel, Head of the Department of European and Comparative Literature and Language Studies, University of Vienna, Vicepresident of the Austrian-Swedish Society; Dipl.Ing. Dr. tech. Ingela Bruner President of the Austrian-Swedish Society, Swedish Embassy.(Projectresearch)


for blind and elderly people /Science & Art). EU funded
collaborator Science Center Netzwerk, (PlayDecide EU-Microfund): CEO Dr. Barbara Streicher

Social-Design - medical communication processes

collaborator of University of Vienna
Institute for Scientific Computing, Theory and Practice of Subject Didactics; Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Helmut Hlavacs, Head of Research Group; Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Karin Anna Hummel and
science Dept. stem cell transplant of St. Anna Children's hospital:
Dr. Anita Lawitschka, Dr. Barbara Brunnmair; T-Systems

Man wird doch wohl noch träumen dürfen

collaborator of Prof. Dr. Herbert Lachmayer / Daponte Institute / Schulschiff Bertha von Suttner

Kunst im Focus der Sinne

Synästhesien Dr. phil. Mag. art Ruth Mateus-Berr 26.1.2006 / ELAk, Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien

In Kooperation mit Univ.-Prof. Igor Lintz-Maués

Klangdinge: Dinge, die Klänge machen/Things that make Sounds; GoSno

collaborator of University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Comp. Edelweiser
(Projectresearch) In Kooperation mit Univ.-Prof. Igor Lintz-Maués

I-Sinne / interdisciplinary senses

& Igor Lintz-Maués, Franz Pomassl
collaborator of University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Academy of fine Arts, Vienna

Cooperation with Volkshilfe:;jsessionid=7DE2036CBEE4F70D25121A2C68055545?lang=de

Expert/Reviewer Tasks

Expert and Reviewer task, International Scientific Review Board

Reviewer for Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare: Dove Medical Press

Reviewer for Springer Singapore, SG

Reviewer for the Fonds Nationalel Swiss, CH

Reviewer for Springer Nature BV Dordrecht, the Netherlands, NL

Reviewer for JAR (Journal of Artistic Research)

Reviewer for the Art and Culture in the Long-term Care and Support programme Cultuur en Zorg. NL

Reviewer for Common Ground Research Network, USA

Reviewer for the Journal for Artistic Research (JAR)


Reviewer for AR pilot Jury University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, AT

Reviewer for EU Horizon 2020 & Jane Harris: InKreate, EU

Reviewer for EU EACEA Creative Europe Culture: Education, Audio-visual and Cultural

Reviewer for Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research/ NWO, NL

Reviewer at ZFHE: Journal for Higher Education ( zfhe), AT

Reviewer for Bloomsbury Publishers (Former Berg Publishers) London. Sydney, New York, New Delhi: AU, US, UK, IN


Reviewer for Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, Oxford, New York: https://www UK


Reviewer at DMA 2019 Design Innovation Management, London, UK https://desig
Role: Scientific Committee


DMA 2017 Research Perspectives on Creative Intersections, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, CHINA Role: Scientific Committee


Since 2018 Reviewer for Common Ground Research Networks https://cgnetworks. org/


Reviewer for the Teaching Artistic Research & Columbia University New York, USA; Role: Scientific Committee, Conference Organization, Book Editing 2017


Reviewer for the European Regional Conference INSEA 2016, (Art and Design Edu cation in Times of Change) University of Applied Arts Vienna, AUSTRIA Role: Scientific Committee, Conference Organization, Book Editing


Reviewer for DART 2014 Perspectives on Art Education, University of Applied Arts Vienna, AUSTRIA; Role: Scientific Committee, Conference Organization, Book Edit ing


Co-Founder of the Academic platform Teacher Education 2011-2017, AUSTRIA Role: Chair, Board Member, Organization of Conferences, Book Editing


Organizer and Reviewer for the Conference Olfaction and the City 2010, Vienna, AUSTRIA ; Role: Scientific Committee, Conference, Organization, Book Editing Organizer for Conference The Skin of The City. Urban Tactile Design 2008, Vienna, AUSTRIA ; Role: Scientific Committee, Conference Organization, Book Editing Organizer for Lecture Series 2007-2011: Haptic & Olfactory Design, Vienna, AUST RIA; Role: Scientific Committee, Conference Organization, Book Editing

Organizer of the Final Conference Vismath, Book Editing

External evaluator for the EU Program P7, Marie Curie Multi-ITN project ‘TRADERS’: 2013-2017

Comm. Professorship National

Commission of Professorship (National)

University of Applied Arts Vienna

Ministry of Women and Education

University of Art Linz

Several commissions for habilitations and Curricula at University of Applied Arts Vienna

Commission of Professorship (International)

Comm. Professorship International

New School of Design, Parsons New York, US


Aalto University, Finland, FI


Einsteinstiftung Berlin, DE

Scientific Commissions

Scientific Commissions

Member of the Research committee of Sensory Studies



Member of the Editorial Board of: Journal of Applied Arts and Health. intellect, UK


Member of the Editorial Board of EDU:TRANSVERSAL, DEGRUYTER


Advisory Board Gemeinwohl Ökonomie, DE

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