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My Story

As Social Designer my conceptual artwork engages with contemporary global challenges such as environmental, social and political issues. Recent works engaged in environment, dementia, ageism, health, urban change, democracy, racism, right-wing populism, migration, postcolonial criticism and innovative strategies on different perspective taking, interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Exhibitions (selection)


Full Professor for the Center for Didactics of Art and Interdisciplinary Education (2019) at University of Applied Arts Vienna

ao. Univ.-Prof. Mag. art. Dr. phil. Habilitation for Design Education – Venia Docendi (2011) at University of Applied Arts Vienna

Dr. phil. - doctoral thesis engaged in the design and the players of the National Socialist Artists Carneval Parade of 1939 in Vienna (2002) at University of Applied Arts Vienna

Dr. art. equal qualification (1997)

Dipl. Multimedial Art-Therapy. Austrian Association For Group Psychotherapy and Groupdynamics (1996) at University of Applied Arts Vienna (1991)


  • History and Social Studies. My major field of study was National Socialism, postcolonial studies, economic and social history of the city of Vienna, Austrian Immigration law.

  • Art Education –Teacher Education Secondary Schools (1991)

  • Diploma for Multimedial Art Therapy (1996) (Austrian Association For Group Psychotherapy and Groupdynamics)

  • Positive Leadership FutureLAB: Trainers: Ruth Seliger, Christoph Schmitz and Paul Tolchinsky taught me about positive leadership, the future of management

Awards Winning

Art & Design Awards and research calls
from 1994-2020

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Exhibitions and Performances from 1985-2022

Single: 6 / Group: 67

2022 / "Be presenT". "Arbitrary memories 1 &2". as part of demedarts at "Salon Souterrain: Bodies in transformation". Exhibition at MQ Libelle, Museumsquartier, Vienna, Austria

2022 / "Intra-Actions: Existence is not an Individual Matter" at "Personal Structures" Academic Biennial at Palazzo Mora, Palazzo Michiel, Venice, Italy

2022 / "Dohlen am Seil". Exhibition "The Life of Things", taith contemporary, Vienna, Austria

2021 / "Blurring of Freedom". Exhibition "100 Kunstwerke der Freiheit", Diplomatische Akademie Wien, Vienna, Austria

2020 / Murmur. Exhibition at „Wo ist das Kind“ Galerie Freihausgasse, Villach, Kärnten, Austria

2019 / Dementia Art Society. Vienna Biennale, Museum of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria

2019 / Dementia Art Society. UCLA Art|Sci Center at BBAX Building Bridges Gallery. Los Angeles/Santa Monica, USA

2019 / Dementia Art Society. Applied Innovation LAB Vienna, Austria

2018 / Understanding Art & Research, School of Art, Design & Media: Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore (SG)

2018 / Understanding Art & Research, Dunedin School of Art, Dunedin (NZ)

2018 / 36 Memories of Humanity. Main Library Vienna, AIL, Austria

2017 / No Hope No Fear PoF Kunsthaus Vienna

2016 / Status Quo – Stilwerk Vienna

2015 / Contemporary Code - Artistic Research, Hongkong, China

2015 / Memorial Baden (Holocaust)/ Invited Competition, Austria

2015 / Input-Output-Failure/Chinese Cultural Institute Vienna

2014 / Leonardo: Password Project/Mikser House. Belgrade, Serbia

2014 / Snapshots of Design Patterns/Macy Gallery 525 WEST NY, USA

2014 / Leonarda/Project Password/Munt.Punt. Brusseles, Belgium

2013 / Cool City Vienna_Cool Design/Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne, France

2012 / Mosaique des Vagantes: Culture & Communication: Artistic Research on Designpatterns for intercultural Cooperation at Universities/ Universitätenforum Alpbach, Austria

2012 / Cut Piece 2 /Assistent of Yoko Ono/2013 ELIA Biennal Conference Vienna, MQ, Vienna, Austria

2010 / Cool City Vienna_Cool Design/Staged Photography/MAK (Museum of Applied Arts) Vienna, Austria

2009 / Santa Barbara/Installation & Performance/ St. Stephens Cathedral, Vienna Austria

2009 Numbers and Mismeasurement. Socialdarwinism and rascism of today/Künstlerhaus Vienna

2009 / Why lilac and concer will be expelled from Vienna?/ MUSA (Museum auf Abruf) Vienna, Austria

2008 / Zen oder die Kunst des Kaffeetrinkens in Wien:“Eine Insel im Verfließen des Tages. ”Essence MAK (Museum of Applied Arts), Vienna, Austria

2008 / ReMember your Heart/ MUSA (Museum auf Abruf) Vienna, Austria

2008—2009 / Password Project Cultural Forum Austria Milano, Italy

2007 / Password Project DIAF (ART BEIJING: DIAF 2007 (1st contemporary art festival in China) 

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