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Broadcasting series Art4Science

Tinted Aquarell painting in vivid colours
Relations | © Ruth Mateus-Berr

I had the pleasure of participating in the new broadcasting series "Art4Science on air" by Radio Orange.

Me and my project partner, cancer researcher Heinrich Kovar, were accompanied on our way as a joint duo within this fascinating project.

In this third episode of the series we visited the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna, where references to the Art4Science project can be found for both of the team members.

Furthermore you will hear to what extent cellular activity under the microscope is comparable to a crime movie and what zooming in on microorganisms could mean for the translation into visual works.


Monday, 01.03.2021, 16:00

Title: From microscope to molecular painting

(Repetition on Thursday the 18th of March, 13:00)


LIVE on the radio: reception FM/FM 94.0, cable 92.7

More information (in German) you can find here: Announcement page

Or just listen to it later: Weblink for re-listening (only active from 16.30 onwards after live broadcast!)

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