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demedarts on the EDI Platform Meeting 2024

Event Flyer ELIA EDI Platform Meeting 2024
hosted by Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithunia

ELIA EDI Platform Meeting 2024

Nida, Lithuania

taking space - making space

Date/Time: 15th of April until 16th of April
Location: Nida, Lithunia


We were thrilled to participate in the first ELIA EDI Platform Meeting this April. Under the theme: taking space - making space, ELIA’s EDI Working Group invited ELIA members from all artistic disciplines and designations to engage with issues of equity, diversity and inclusivity in Higher Arts Education.

For more information check out their website.


Demedarts participated in 2 main ways:

The Workshop "DEMEDARTS - Moving Stories and Shapes"

by Ruth Mateus-Berr, Pia Scharler, Lisa Kielmeier & Alexandra Andrea Rusz, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria

By the year 2050 there will be close to 149.2 million elderly people living in the EU. Elderly people tend to opt against using rollators, feeling the objects lack an appealing design, one that does not address them, as well as feelings of being discriminated against. However, there are also comforting stories shared by those affected. The aim of this workshop is to identify intergenerational, individual, and culturally different needs while co-create stories and finding solutions together for an ageing society.

The Performance GRIESSNER STADL – turning the world up-side-down

by Ruth Mateus-Berr & Sophia Widmann, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Alexandra Leitgeb, Anita Winkler, Marina Trippl, Nici Daros, Tamara Hotter, Andreas Oberweger, Daniel Wiedemaier, Ferdinand Nagele, Gerhard Url, Gert Engelbrecht, Manfred Daros & Philipp Rirsch, GRIESSNER STADL Austria

The inclusive theater/performance group GRIESSNER STADL with Lebenshilfe Murau and the University of Applied Arts Vienna invite you to a dance ritual. A game with liminality and the crossing of boundaries. A game with voyeurism and conscious exposure. How do we change perception through shared experience? What are the implications for our artistic practice and art education? The focus of our work is the process-based creation, which in each instance is unique. A cross-disciplinary social interaction creates an artistic statement characterized by collaboration on equal terms: We learn from each other in the sense of co-ability understanding. Reflecting on what we have experienced together is part of this game. We invite you to a variation of our inclusive dance ritual, first performed at the European Cultural Center at the Venice Biennale 2022.

Performance dance by artists black white
Performance "turning the world up-side-down" GRIESSNER STADL



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