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Finissage "The Life of Things"

Exhibition: "The life of things" / "Das Leben der Dinge"

Date: 18.03.- 27.04.2022

Location: TAITH contemporary

1030 Vienna, Ungargasse 57

opening hours: We - Fr 4pm - 7pm | Sa 1pm - 6pm

I am pleased to invite you to a cocktail on the occasion of the

Finissage at the gallery TAITH contemporary

on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 from 7 pm

Please RSVP by mail, phone or message.


In the exhibition I am showcasing different artworks of mine including a selection of my "MALPRACTICE. CULTURE." series, also showing the object, a glass vial and a pink pill, portrayed in the artwork, and a recent artwork "Jackdaws on the rope" (Oil on canvas) and the corresponding object, in this case the Rope.

Painting and photo series of a glass vial
Showcasing still lifes, all part of my artwork series "Malpractice. Culture." | ©screenshot vimeo @design orange moon

Glass Vail on a podest and a pink drug pill
A glass vial and a pink pill, objects portrayed in my artwork series "Malpractice. Culture." | ©screenshot vimeo @design orange moon

Oil on canvas 2 birds sitting on a rope
"Jackdaws on the rope" (Oil on canvas); Rope in the exhibition ©Ruth Mateus-Berr

"A beautiful exhibition!" Last chance: the life of things - objects and their portraits.

The exhibition:

Everyday objects and their portraits are juxtaposed, banal objects become a subject, a still life becomes a mirror of reality.

Next to the works of ten contemporary European artists, the objects portrayed by them were placed and it is left to the guests, to imitate the artistic gaze: How would I have seen this? Which angle, which arrangement, which thing would I have chosen?

Because that's what a creator does with every work: nowhere is that more comprehensible than with still lifes in the broader sense.

Indeed, the gallery shows not only vessels and fruits but also clothes of models, prepared birds, medicines and charcoal.

How do I see the "thing", would I have chosen it and how would I have placed it?

Are the shapes, perspectives and colors right and what does "right" mean - what is "right"? How much part has the selection, the arrangement, the choice of colors?

Does the artist's eye really see different colors than untrained eyes, or does it merely decide which color nuances blend more harmoniously?

The Gallery

Visit the gallery's website to see more of the exhibition:


Date: 18.03.- 27.04.2022

Wed - Fr 4pm - 7pm | Sa 1pm - 6pm


TAITH contemporary

1030 Vienna, Ungargasse 57

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