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NEW Book Release: Kunsttherapeutische Stichworte

Book Cover
Cover of the new publication "Kunsttherapeutische Stichworte" by Manfred Blohm & Katja Watermann

I am happy to announce the new publication of the book "KUNSTTHERAPEUTISCHE STICHWORTE", by Manfred Blohm & Katja Watermann, published by Fabrico Verlag.

Not only is one of my artworks on the cover of the publication, I was also allowed to contribute 2 articles for the book.

One on the keyword "EMBODIMENT" - where I define the term and show an example of my research work for arts&dementia and the art project „ARCHIVE OF CONFUSION“- and one on the terms "ART EDUCATION - ART THERAPY". In the latter I briefly define the terms and show the discrepancy between head and hand. Moreover I discuss the Link between art education and art therapy, as these are not contradictory but build on each other.

About the book

The term art therapy seems dazzling and raises hopes. But what is behind this form of therapy? Currently, there are many different approaches and methods of art therapy in Germany, so that it is not always easy for interested people to find out what exactly art therapy is.

There is agreement that it - like all other artistic therapies - is aimed at promoting personal expression, enabling an exchange with other people, especially in a non-verbal way, and improving people's ability to solve problems and their ability to act.

The book is aimed at art therapists, art educators, psychologists and all readers interested in the topic of art and therapy.

It does not present a fixed conceptualization. Rather, the art therapy keywords provide terms, basics and distinctions, which make it possible to better inform oneself about the broad field of art therapy and to get to know the specificity of this form of treatment.

If you would like to purchase is there is a limited-time opportunity for pre-order fort he printed copies of the publication.

Available from Fabrico Publishing here.

Or you can simply get the e-book by sending an order to

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