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New radio feature for my collaborative project "Art4Science"

oil paintings with watercolor technique
Topic: Ewing Sarcoma loves ‘party’ environment and does not mingle alone. | © Ruth Mateus-Berr

I had the pleasure of participating in a new feature for the broadcasting series "Art4Science on air" by Radio Orange.

Me and my project partner, molecular biologist and cancer researcher Eleni Tomazou, were accompanied on our way as a joint duo within this fascinating project.

In this eight and last episode of the series I showed paintings of molecular processes and micro organisms. On the artworks, cells looked like little beings performing molecular party life at midnight.

Questions were raised such as, 'What's about their behaviour, are the good or bad?'

Step by step, an inspiring discussion resulted.

To follow me on my journey as an artist listen to the full episode via this Weblink in English (German version).


Thursday, 24.06.2021, 16:00

Title: Tracking down the culprit

(Repetition on Monday the 6th of September, 16:00)


LIVE on the radio: reception FM/FM 94.0, cable 92.7

More information you can find here: Announcement page

Or just listen to it later: Weblink for re-listening

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