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Panel discussion "Forschung und Sinnlichkeit. Kann Kunst Wissen vermitteln?"

Vienna 25th of February 2021, 18:30 - 20:00

"Research and sensuality. Can art convey knowledge?"

In "art4science" a new discussion series by the Wiener Zeitung and St. Anna Children's Cancer Research Institute, resident Art4Science artist Ruth Mateus-Berr is going live in a panel discussion with her scientific duo partner Heinrich Kovar. Topic: "Research and sensuality. Can art convey knowledge?"

Art and science are considered two opposing disciplines from which society expects completely different things. The new discussion series "art4science" in cooperation with Wiener Zeitung aims to present current research from childhood cancer research through a creative interaction between science, art and the media. Social acceptance is rarely based on purely rational considerations and is also emotionally driven. This requires a broad discourse to create an understanding of complex interrelationships. Clear science communication therefore often makes the difference in how people perceive research and make decisions about essential value issues in our society.

We will discuss whether and how this approach can work in the new talk series "art4science" by Wiener Zeitung.


Ruth Mateus-Berr, artist and researcher, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Heinrich Kovar, molecular biologist, St. Anna Children's Cancer Research

Elisabeth Oberzaucher, behavioral biologist University of Vienna, member Science Busters.


Walter Hämmerle, Editor-in-Chief Wiener Zeitung


Kaan Boztug, Scientific Director St. Anna Children's Cancer Research

Martin Fleischhacker, Managing Director Wiener Zeitung.

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