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Speaker at the "Transfer Summit 2021"

Pink Aquarell Painting
Relations (2020) ©Ruth Mateus-Berr

I am excited about giving a talk at the upcoming "Transfer Summit 2021" on the topic of "OPEN ARTS“ where I will present 3 of my projects. On the one hand I will showcase both FWF funded projects "Art4Science" (FWF WKP 132) about Art & Science within Cancer Research (more about the project here ) and "Demedarts" (FWF AR-609) on the subject of Arts & Dementia (read more about it here). On the other hand I present an interdisciplinary project in cooperation with the WU Vienna (building start-ups in the energy industry via art/design). I am already looking forward to the summit, many exciting ideas and a lively exchange! Find below some more details on the summit and make sure to visit their website within the next couple of days.


Date: September 13-18, 2021 Location: Federal Institute for Adult Education (bifeb) | Bürglstein 1-7 | 5360 St. Wolfgang |

About the Summit

The Transfer Summit of the "Knowledge Transfer Center East", initiated by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna as project leader of the cooperation project "Transfer HUBs", serves to support a motivating learning and transfer culture and to establish a knowledge transfer community. Together with experts and cooperation partners, selected projects apply peer learning and peer coaching elements. The Transfer Summit 2021 serves as a condensation point of the project "Transfer HUBs" and for the further development of the transfer culture between the participants. TRANSFER SUMMIT FOCUS DAYS | September 13-15, 2021 From Monday to Wednesday, selected projects from the various training programs (Transfer HUBs) will meet with representatives of the knowledge transfer units of various universities and universities of applied sciences as focus groups in a workshop setting to formulate objectives and provide them with concrete results. TRANSFER SUMMIT SESSIONS | September 16-18, 2021. From Thursday to Saturday, opinion leaders, stakeholders, and representatives of networks and organizational units will discuss and further develop the learnings of the project period and the Transfer Summit workshops. Read more at: (in German)

Presentation Sheet Title
Presentation Deck for the Transfer Summit 2021


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