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Symposium Ankünder
Save The Date 17.02.2022, starts 9:00am

This art & design education symposium will be held in German on February 17, 2022, 9am, in Vienna.


In the context of the ZOOMposium INTERDISZIPLINÄR KREISEN at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, we want to discuss an interdisciplinary approach, that is, possibilities for a fundamental common understanding of and for the subject of art education. With the annual symposium we offer a platform of exchange of all subject disciplines and school types for lecturers, teachers, students, pupils and all those interested in interdisciplinary education.

In an increasingly complex, volatile and uncertain world, educational institutions in particular are required to provide learners with navigational tools that empower them to find their own way. The growing challenges of our world require solutions to our problems that reconcile different perspectives and interests to guarantee individual and societal well-being in a democratically oriented world.

We need to address not only competencies: knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values, but also how to design learning environments that foster such competencies, i.e., how to effectively implement curricula (see OECD 2019).

Interdisciplinarity is called for in preambles to higher education policy research concepts. Especially in schools, it has become part of educational and curricula for decades, here referred to as subject-connecting or interdisciplinary, but is rarely applied as collaborative practice.

The interconnectedness of subject areas is usually not experienced in school from the learners' experiential point of view. In school, "interdisciplinary teaching styles" are usually mastered insofar as one subject area gives an assignment to another or it is decided to deal with something on a topic from the respective own subject area.

However, it is not enough if the subjects merely communicate with each other instead of cooperating in a meaningful way, because in this way enhancing opportunities for connecting remain largely unused and necessary life-world experiences of the interdisciplinary can hardly be made by the learners and teachers. Interdisciplinarity and interdisciplinary, or better, transversal thinking across subjects belong in contemporary (higher/school) education to the basic components of its own field of meaning.

For this reason, we would like to encourage enabling a transversal turn of education. Such a turn must bring transversal teaching and learning into the focus of education at all levels and in all phases of education.

You can register (FOR FREE) online for this symposium on Eventbrite.

Reminder: The event will be held in German.

Further Details and the full program for this day you can also get on this website

In addition there will be the EDU:TRANSVERSAL peer-reviewed journal in German and English available after the symposium - stay tuned, I will publish it on my website soon.

Interdisziplinär Kreisen Symposium

WHEN: Thursday, February 17, 2022, 09:00 am - 6:30 pm (CEST) WHERE: Online -> Register for free here



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