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Invitation: Venice Biennial 2022

Invitation: Venice Biennial 2022

From 23rd of April until 27th of November you are cordially invited to visit the spatial installation "Intra-Actions: Existence is not an Individual Matter" at Palazzo Mora, Room #18 and the Opera Aperta modules via Live Stream.

This is the contribution of our Center for Didactics of Art and Interdisciplinary Education at the University of Applied Arts Vienna to the Academic Venice Biennial 2022, curated by the European Cultural Center.

We really appreciate everybody who takes the time to visit our installation at the Palazzo Mora (Room #18) and look forward to seeing familiar faces during the preview days and at all the Events (note: please register due to Covid-19 regulations).

See below a detailed program and invitation to the events / overview of what’s happening where and when:

Welcoming Event

April 21st, 11am - 2pm @ Palazzo Michiel >> only with registration due to Covid-19

Preview Days

April 21st & 22nd

>> only with registration due to Covid-19

Event Receptions

April 21st & 22nd, 6pm - 10pm AT Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora

April 21st -23rd, 5pm - 8pm @ Marinaressa Garden

>> only with registration due to Covid-19

General Exhibition Time

April 23rd to November 27th | Opened daily 10 am - 6 pm, Closed on Tuesdays

Address: Palazzo Mora, Strada Nuova #3659, 30121 Venezia, Italy

The Opera Aperta


April: 25.4.2022 | June: 13.6.2022 | August: 29.8.2022 | October: 17.10.2022 | November: 24.11.2022

10 -12 am Workshop 1 - How Design-Thinking can educate a democratic mindset | Ruth Mateus-Berr

2 - 5 pm Workshop 2 - The less Premium Workshop | Pamela Bartar

Registration: orna.baumgartner(at)

Address: Palazzo Michiel, Strada Nuova - 4391 Campo Santi Apostoli, 30121 Venezia, Italy


April: 26.4.2022 | June: 14.6.2022 | August: 30.8.2022 | October: 18.10.2022 | November: 25.11.2022

Time: 10 -12 am

Registration: wissenstransfer(at)

Address: Palazzo Michiel, Strada Nuova - 4391 Campo Santi Apostoli, 30121 Venezia, Italy

OPERA APERTA STREAMS >> Palazzo Michiel /online

April: 26.4.2022 | June: 14.6.2022 | August: 30.8.2022 | October: 18.10.2022 | November: 25.11.2022

Time: 7 - 9 pm panel-discussions/ Live Stream hosted by the Wiener Zeitung

Registration: events(at)

Live-Stream by Wiener Zeitung

Address: Palazzo Michiel, Strada Nuova - 4391 Campo Santi Apostoli, 30121 Venezia, Italy

Extra Curriculum

Performance/Artist Talk Metamorphosis

April 27th | Palazzo Mora | 4 - 5 PM

Julia Fromm & Mauricio Ianes

Performance insitu ani·motion

June 11th and 12th, 2022

Ivan Pantelic & Bernd Rohrauer

Movie Shows (in progress)

>> visit our institute's website for more info/updates

Oil Painting with blue stripes
spatial installation "Intra-Actions: Existence is not an Individual Matter" at Palazzo Mora, Room #18

On the installation „Intra-Actions: Existence is not an Individual Matter“

The installation was developed collaboratively with staff, alumni, and students of the Center for Art Didactics and Interdisciplinary Education, staff of the Science Visualization Lab (Prof. Alfred Vendl), students of the Digital Art Department (Prof. Ruth Schnell), and alumni of the University of Applied Arts from various departments, as well as cooperation partners.

As a quantum physicist, Barad raises interesting questions not only for physics, but also for art, design, technology. Her work engages with both the human and the non-human, including apparatuses of whatever kind. She considers things not in their singularity, but in their interdependence, and calls this method Intra-Actions. A multi-particle system of quantum physics – which as a whole assumes a well-defined state without being able to assign each of the subsystems their own state – is applied to humanity and expresses a new way of interpreting interdisciplinarity.

Intra-Actions show the entanglement of people and nature, the material and the artificial.

According to Barad, individuals do not exist prior to their interactions, but emerge through and as part of their intertwined internal relationships. Understanding this approach, it becomes clear that entangling with the Other describes the absence of one’s own existence, for existence is not an individual matter.

The installation shows an ongoing approach towards the most diverse positions on the theme Time, Space and Existence.

It expresses an Agential Realism, which stands for the growing awareness that we cannot separate culture, materiality, technology, nature, and existence.

It consists of a burnt tree whose branches are connected via cables and whose only remaining leaves are screens. The screens show selected positions of artists’ works. The organic structure of the wood in connection with technology and digitalization is also metaphoric. In relation to the digital content shown on the screens, there are ongoing intra-actions between tree and screens. The space installation draws attention to both the interconnections of deforestation, climate change and the exploitation of energy resources, and to the importance of art in this context.

Here, art, as a seismograph of society, implies the power of renewal.

The installation would have initially been accompanied with a specially created scent reminiscent of smoke and burnt wood to echo the themes of deforestation and climate change, however, given current world events, it was decided to forgo this option in favor designing another, fresher fragrance, reinforcing instead humanity’s capacity for renewal, uplifting positivity, and hope for the future. And with pieces of coal provided for drawing on the walls, everyone can become involved.

The installation is accompanied by artist talks, performances and workshops, the so-called Opera Aperta and will be medially mediated and live-streamed by the oldest daily newspaper still published in the world: The Wiener Zeitung (feat. by Wolfgang Renner).

The program is co-created in collaboration with Georg Russegger (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna).

Topics discussed are: Art, Education & Democracy; Art & The Social Impact; Digital Humanism, Collaboration & Sustainability; Art & Media Ethics, Visual Competences; Art & Diversity.

Realization: C. Gröbner, P. Scharler, M. Bachinger, R. Mateus-Berr, S. Bösker

The „Opera Aperta“

A discursive contribution to the development of questions and ideas for the evening stream and as a collection of material for the dossiers of the Wiener Zeitung, invited for this, are experts who are currently active in the context of Intra-Actions at the Venice Biennale.

The OPERA APERTA OPEN STAGE is a vivid and progressive format of reflection and discussion.

Open to the public, it will present the outcomes and learnings of the workshops. Playful interactions and collaborative writing will enable questions and remarks for the evening event, the panel discussion.

Time and Space

April 25th - Day 1: OPERA APERTA – WORKSHOPS

>> 10 - 12 am Workshop 1 How Design-Thinking can educate a democratic mindset | Ruth Mateus-Berr

>> 14 - 17 am Workshop 2 The less Premium Workshop | Pamela Bartar

>> Hosted by the Center for Didactics of Art and Interdisciplinary Education

>> Location: Palazzo Michiel

registration for the Opera Aperta WORKSHOPS: orna.baumgartner(at)

April 26th - Day 2: OPERA APERTA – OPEN STAGE

>> 10 - 12 am participatory workshops hosted by Centre for Knowledge Transfer, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

>> Location: Palazzo Michiel

registration for the Opera Aperta OPEN STAGES orna.baumgartner(at)


>> 7 - 9 pm panel-discussions/ Live Stream hosted by the Wiener Zeitung

>> Location: Palazzo Michiel

registration for the Opera Aperta OPEN STAGES orna.baumgartner(at)

The Live Streams will cover the following topics:

Opera Aperta 1 Art, Education & Democracy

April 25th and 26th, 2022

Artistic movements have always been sensible markers for societal development and an early precursor for political change. The foundation is “freedom of art”, which plays an outstanding role in pioneering democratic development and educational understanding in the age of enlightenment. Within the panel discussion invited experts will present, reflect and discuss these developments on a contemporary base and a future perspective.

Inter- and crossdiciplnary frameworks between art and science can be observed since decades.

Opera Aperta 2: Art & Social Impact

When: July 13th and 14th, 2022

Opera Aperta 3: Digital Humanism, Collaboration & Sustainability

When: August 29th and 30th, 2022

Opera Aperta 4: Art & Media Ethics, Visual Competences

When: October 17th and 18th, 2022

Opera Aperta 5: Art & Diversity

When: November 24th and 25th, 2022 Watch it here

Opera Aperta 6: Transforming the City: Accesibility:

When: 12th of June 2023

The Extra Curriculum

Performance/Artist Talk: Metamorphosis

Wednesday, April 27th 2022, 4-5pm

Where: Palazzo Mora

By: Julia Fromm & Mauricio Ianes

‘Metamorphosis’ by Julia Fromm and Maurício Ianês investigates the relationship between culture, nature, language, and ideological appropriation. The transformation through perception and spatial alienation is chronicled in the artwork. By explicitly remaining in their fixed positions, the artists adhere to a rigorous script with restricted forms of expression, much as the fixed point personified by the artist (Fromm), entangled in the rules, and the ramifications thereof (Ianês) resonating with the actions of the audience as a mediator.

Simultaneously, the transformation of a system that encompasses multiple ideas and practices allows the artists to reimagine a world of tomorrow, in a post-Covid context when the current norms are being rewritten. Our world, heading towards unprecedented difficulties, calls for a reversal of the downward spiral of calamitous interactions pleading for an artistic intervention.

Performance: insitu ani·motion

Saturday June 11th and Sunday 12th, 2022

By: Ivan Pantelic & Bernd Rohrauer

How can we use media as a participatory tool to simultaneously create impact on space and people? This project aims to answer this question. Understanding space as an outcome of social processes, insitu ani·motion is developed as a method that enables participatory performative public space interventions by collective video-making.

How is this achieved? By creating conditions for real-time video-making onsite collaboration: a technical tool provides a platform which entices passers-by to change their routines, get together and create a collective stop motion-based animated film on site, screen it on the surrounding surface and thus contribute to placemaking by changing its use and appeal. This challenges the conventions of mediamaking by blending its different phases which, conventionally, would be separated in time: the production, post-production and screening coincide. Neither the outcome itself is fixed, nor are the roles of partakers, simultaneous filmmakers, editors and spectators.

More Details

See the brochure below for more info on the participating artists + artworks

All participants

Intra-Actions Participants

Ruth Mateus-Berr (Lead), Art 4 Science (Teresa Berr, Evelyn Blumenau, Bela Borsodi, Barbara Brunmair, Lisa Huto, Günter Koch, Heinrich Kovar, Eva König (PL), Walter Kreuz, Max Kropitz, Lukas Lach, Ruth Mateus-Berr, Franz Reisecker, Wolfgang Renner, Sebastian Seegy, Sabine Taschner-Mandl, Eleni Tomazou, Romana Zöchling), Manuel C.Bachinger, Pamela Bartar, Christina Berger, Sophie Bösker, Christina Carli, Lio Ebenstein, Cornelia Feitsinger, Carmen Fetz, Max Fink, Harald Friedl, Magdalena Friedl, Julia Fromm, Martina Fröschl, Lena Fürjesi, Natascha Gerold, Eva Greisberger, Nick Gröller, L. Vanessa Gruber, Florian Gutmann, Ida J. Hausner, Lea Heinz, Julia Hemmelmaier, Christa Holzbauer, Maurício Ianês, INTERACCT (Pascal Blikman, Barbara Brunmair, Helmut Hlavacs (PL), Fares Kayali, Jens Kuczwara, Anita Lawitschka, Zsuzsanna Lehner, Ruth Mateus-Berr, Daniel Martinek, Michael Nebel, Konrad Peters, Andrea Reithofer, Marisa Silbernagl, Melanie Strasser, Manuel Sprung, Rebecca Wölfle), Lisa Kielmeier, Klaudia Kozma, Claudia Kragulj, Nicole Krenn, Vanessa Kügerl, Lukács Lászlo, Hanna Lex, Igor Lintz-Maués, Aneta Luberda, Pia Mayer, Aurélie Mazars, Mattia Minelli, Maria Mogy, Heinrich Viktor Nagy, Pavel Naydenov, Shahab Nedaei, Ivan Pantelic, Michelle Pavonic, Ana Pluhar, Eren Puke, Gabriela Urrutia Reyes, Bernd Rohrauer, Nilufar Royce, Manuel Salomon, Valentina Santner, Wagner Felipe dos Santos, Pia Scharler, Michaela Schober, Lydia Simon, Tatia Skhirtiadze, Lea Sonderegger, Lisa Truttmann, Sebastian Robinson, Harald Vendl, Christina Weiler, Alexander Weik, Lea Wieser, Ruth Zimmermann

Opera Aperta Participants

Pamela Bartar, Ruth Mateus-Berr, Barbara Brunmair, Christina Carli, Nicole Daros, Anita Eichinger, Gert Engelbrecht, Romana Zöchling, Dietmar Flosdorf, Martina Fröschl, Lara Girotto, Eva Greisberger, Constantin Gröbner, L. Vanessa Gruber, Agnes Haider, Tamara Hotter, Lisa Kielmeier, Heinrich Kovar, Alexandra Leitgeb, Moritz Matschke, Franz-Xaver Mayr, Jeanette Müller, Ferdinand Nagele, Irina Nalis, Shahab Nedai, Andreas Oberweger, Günther Ogris, Verena Plutzar, David Rauter, Ursula Reisenberger, Wolfgang Renner Philipp Rirsch, Rosa Roedelius, Georg Russegger, Pia Scharler, Eva-Maria Stadler, Miriam Sumann, Marina Trippl, Gerhard Url, Gabriela Urrutia Reyes, Alfred Vendl, Patricia Weinberger, Daniel Wiedemaier, Heliane Wiesauer-Reiterer, Anita Winkler

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